June 21, 2022

Bobbie Launches First-Ever MotherBoard With Ashley Graham, Elaine Welteroth, Laura Dern, and Tan France to Mobilize Parents to Transform and Modernize the Infant Formula Industry

Bobbie, the only mom-founded and led infant formula company in the U.S., announced its inaugural MotherBoard, a yearly collective of four activist parents passionate about evolving the formula industry and changing the cultural conversation on how we choose to feed our babies. Bobbie’s first-ever MotherBoard is comprised of powerful parents including: Ashley Graham, a body diversity activist and mother to three including five month old twins, Elaine Welteroth, a journalist, TV host and new mother, Laura Dern, an actress, activist and mother to two, and Tan France, TV host and dad to a baby boy via surrogacy.

“No parent should ever be left to question, ‘how will I feed my baby?’ It’s unacceptable and the time to take action is now.”

“This industry has never been in more of a crisis, and those feeling the impact most are babies who are not being fed and parents who are at a breaking point. It’s time to get loud for the change we want to see in infant formula—from accessibility to nutritional standards,” said Laura Modi, CEO and Co-Founder of Bobbie and mother of three. “We didn’t start this company to just provide the best formula in the U.S.; we started this company to create a cultural movement. It’s inspiring to have the powerhouse voices of our MotherBoard join Bobbie in our mission. You can expect to see them use their voices to evoke change and evolve the conversation on how we feed our babies so that every parent feels confident and supported in their choice.”

Advocating for change is part of Bobbie’s DNA. During the Congressional hearings on the nationwide infant formula shortage, Bobbie called on parents—moms specifically—across the U.S. to share their voices, their frustrations, and their needs in this moment. Out of this crisis comes a real opportunity to reset and drastically improve the infant formula category. That’s why Bobbie is continuing its Hungry for Change campaign by empowering all parents, allies, and change-makers to join the MotherBoard in its fight to transform and modernize the infant formula industry. To join the movement, visit: https://hungryforchange.us.

“Having just returned back to work myself as a mom of twins with a 3 year old toddler, I know firsthand the mental load, the pressure, and the constant juggle that so many mothers experience. It’s overwhelming some days. To now watch parents panicking and in tears about how to feed their babies as the formula shortage continues to unfold, I cannot sit back and do nothing and felt compelled to join a mission-based company like Bobbie fighting for meaningful change in this industry,” said Ashley Graham, founding member of the Bobbie MotherBoard.

“I’m proud to be partnering with a mom-founded and led company like Bobbie that is here to shake things up. Our goal is to get loud and push lawmakers to prioritize making necessary changes in an industry that has been dominated by two legacy companies who own 80% of the market. This model has failed American parents and left them in a crisis,” said Elaine Welteroth, journalist, author, new mom to a two month old. “No parent should ever be left to question, ‘how will I feed my baby?’ It’s unacceptable and the time to take action is now.”

“Our babies deserve better, our planet deserves better, and our parents deserve better—and that is what I am here to get loud about. The U.S. should have the highest quality formula in the world and plenty of it to feed babies from every socioeconomic background. Instead we see parents frantically importing European formulas in search of a high quality option and barely able to buy enough formula on shelf week to week here in the U.S. to feed their babies. Bobbie is leading the way in bringing a USDA Organic option that meets European Nutritional Standards to American parents. While all eyes are on this industry—the time to fight for change is now,” said Laura Dern.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking that we are in this place. That formula feeding parents have been so overlooked that it took bare shelves and hungry babies for the government and leadership to have eyes wide open to the shortcomings of the status quo in infant formula. I am joining the Bobbie MotherBoard to help advocate for my son and any of my future babies to have the most high quality options available to them—and all parents in the U.S,” said Tan France, new dad to a baby boy via surrogacy.

If you’re hungry for change, join us as we mobilize and visit https://hungryforchange.us. Our MotherBoard activists will be working for the next year alongside Bobbie to make noise and transform the industry.

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